Save Money on Your Long Distance Costs

5 Tips to save You Money on Long Distance

by Rob Metras and Jeff Brodie

1. When you make long distance calls outside of the office avoid using your calling card from your telephone company. If you are in a hotel you can use the free wireless and a voip service such as Skype service avoids the toll charge and calling card transaction costs. Skype has very reasonable rates to allow you to call any number in the world by using a Skype-out call. Calls are priced at rock-bottom levels in the USA, Canada ,Europe and the rest of the world. You can even have a Skype-in number for people to call you when you are the hotel or Wi-Fi Hotspot. You will also make considerable savings from using the surcharged calls from the hotel. Another alternative is to have a SIP softphone that is on your laptop which can be an extension on your office pbx.
2. If you want to keep in touch with your office arrange to call in on your own toll-free number from anywhere. The toll-free can be internet or telco based and be aggregated with a much lower rate through your own land based telco or voip provider.
3. Avoid using your cell phone for long distance when outside of your own area, create your own abiity to pool your costs to your lowest cost service. The use of tool-free inbound services assists with this.
4. Consider having a one-number service on a integrated VOIP switchboard at your central location. New systems today allow your callers to find you wherever you are. This allows you to centralize your calls at your own switch and have the calls sent to you at your best outbound rates. You can screen your callers through these systems and also have the ability to have remote local extensions feed to your central switch if you always are in specific location.
5. Review all your plans and think of all the modalities cellular,landlines,SIP, VOIP and rates. When you centralize your telco services with the same carrier, either land or cellular you may make direct savings to your bottom line.

Jeff Brodie and I do our best to keep you up to date on the latest trends and help you optimize your business communications costs for telephone,internet and other technology.

Article Source: Ezine Articles Expert Authors