Don't Be Cheated on Your Phone Bills

Make Sure the Phone Company is Not a Silent Pickpocket

by Rob Metras

Managing telecom costs and negotiating the best rates you can is an important part of managing your business. You can do this in a more effective way by understanding your charges and making sure they are accurate. With the complex billing and packages that are offered in today's competitive communications market it is a task that some do not spend the time doing and pay unnecessary charges.

Make sure when you sign your contract with your carrier on a landline setup you get an equipment record whenever you place an order that clearly spells out the equipment, its cost, and the monthly transaction and toll charges. Cellular bills and plans have not been easy to decipher so get a written contract and check you bill for compliance. Oft times carriers will add new fees you were not paying and may be in addition to your contract.

With the cost of long distance dropping be sure you are getting the accurate and best rate for your volume of calls and that if you switch carriers for the long distance, all previous carriers have been taken off the service. Most new calling plans have special rates for outside the normal calling times, or areas.. By verifying these calls at a glance you will also discover charges for services not requested and added quietly when a bundle was changed.

When phone company bills get paid automatically without review you could be losing hundreds of dollars which may better be spent or contribute to improving the bottom line. Insist on a manager being responsible and doing an audit at least twice a year. Mobile and landline carriers have gained a reputation of waiting until the customer calls to complain and then reversing the charges. Hidden fees are common and are usually explained by "mistakes in billing".

When I managed one $18,000.00 monthly telephone bill I found lines that were never ordered, never used, and paid for for months on end. It pays to be vigilant.