Technology Review -Part 2 Irrelevancy & Disruption

Who is Irrelevant Now

In the first Episode of 2012 Technology Review we looked back at tech companies and technologies , such as greening that are prospering and some of those companies that are not with us anymore. In Episode 2 we continue talking about technology shifts in the telecom space and the growth of VOIP and Integrated Telecommunications.

Telcos as Content Providers

Coping with the changing landscape some telephone companies are becoming content providers and moving into the media space and are providing multimedia content to their customers on smart phones, desktops as well as in cable and satellite tv. Long distance revenues are falling for established telcos and they are using their wireline and wireless omnipresence to deliver additional services. They are being challenged in their data businesses by new disruptive technologies like Cloud Computing which has an all-new cast of players.In addition Canadian telco providers for additional placement and content Bell and Rogers have moved into the sports business by jointly buying into the Toronto Maple Leafs, The Toronto Raptors and The Toronto FC franchises. Rogers is the owner of the Toronto Blue Jays and Bell owns a minority interest in the Montreal Canadiens

Maple Leafs

Jeff Brodie is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and an AltiGen Platinum Developer Partner and is an expert in business telephone systems and integrated information technology . With over 20 years in information technology Jeff is the C.E.O. of Codefusion Communications Inc. a Toronto based technology firm. Codefusion also is a Microsoft Virtualization Data partner and provides full service telecom and virtualization services


Rob Metras has been an executive in a variety of industries and has been involved in the application of technology and telecommunications to business processes. He currently operates a local search marketing and consulting firm in Cambridge,Ontario.

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Episode 2- 2012- Technology Review- Part 2