Technology Review-Where Are They Now?

Technology Review New & Old

In our first Episode of 2012 We want to look back to some of the tech companies and technologies , such as greening that are prospering and some of those that are gone and discuss their demises and the growth of the smaller and more mobile computing platforms and their integration into our daily lives.

Jeff Brodie is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and an AltiGen Platinum Developer Partner and is an expert in telephone systems and integrated information technology . With over 20 years in information technology Jeff is the C.E.O. of Codefusion Communications Inc. a Toronto based technology firm.

Rob Metras has been an executive in a variety of industries and has been involved in online casinos the application of technology and telecommunications to business processes. He currently operates a local search marketing and consulting firm in Cambridge,Ontario.

Where Are They Now


Oh how the mighty have fallen or diappeared and the tech word has changed with the movement away from the eastern technology areas to the Silicon Valley of California. Household names in the 70"s and 80"s such as Digital Equipment,Tandem Computers and Nortel are no more and their intellectual property made obsolete or patents sold off. Rob and Jeff look at some of these changes from their viewpoint in this first episode in 2012.

We have changed the format this year on our podcasts to more of a discussion format. We welcome your comments on the change and look forward to providing you interesting tech comments. Listeners can have any relevant topic addressed on this podcast. Please leave their comments below and we will answer them.

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Episode 1- 2012- Technology Review