Call Centers in Your Business

Call Centers in Your SMB

Call Centers and first line customer service in your small and medium sized business is the topic of Episode31 of The 2 Big Telecom Guys. Not the kind of call centers you see with hundreds of agents answering inbound calls or making outbound telemarketing calls. Rather than being afraid of the concept Jeff talks about how you can improve your first line contact by using a small business telephone system with the latest technology to integrate into your existing computer system.

Jeff Brodie is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and an AltiGen Platinum Developer Partner and is an expert in telephone systems and integrated information technology . Jeff has installed call center technology in small, medium, as well as large cross country operations. He outlines how you can lower costs by eliminating extra charges from the phone company. All sorts of opportunities exist for voicemail,call following, and call recording.

Call Centers Can Work For You

One of the best ways to maximize resources,using a small business telephone system, which delivers calls to integrated mobile phones , is call routing to deliver leads to a representative sequentially or pick the person automatically who is next in line to receive a call. Other features include call analysis tools that can give you performance measurement regarding call wait delays.busy lines or agents, or call time . These can be excellent tools to use in staffing and manpower planning. Listen in as the call center concept is discussed and find out what you can do with very little added cost if you are employing the right solution.

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Episode31 Call Centers

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